Kirk T Brown writes non-fiction works of crime and the criminal justice system – as an insider. He is a freelance journalist, author and screenwriter, born in Calgary in 1967, was educated in Canada, U.S. and Scotland and has lived in Madrid and London for many years. Kirk majored in marketing and has worked extensively in the film, communications and restaurant industries. His lifestyle has allowed him to develop characters and plots that span the globe, all based on personal knowledge and experience. 

Kirk's larger-than-life personality and his fictional international intrigues became inextricably mixed until, in 2013, reality rudely intruded and he was charged with fraud in relation to family businesses. The sentence that followed gave Kirk time to reflect both on the prison system and his own behavior, and since his release he writes his novels with an insider’s knowledge of crime and the system that depends upon it. It also gave him the opportunity to reflect on others who don't take responsibility for their mistakes. He has written non-fiction about his observations and experience of the Kafkaesque-like UK criminal justice system.

Kirk has contributed articles for publications worldwide, including reviews, interviews and essays. He currently lives in Surrey, U.K, where he combines his passions for writing, the arts, print design and stationery, with a well-deserved reputation as a gourmand, bon-vivant and raconteur. (He is fluent in English and Spanish, with a passing knowledge of French when necessary.

The Standford Hill Experiment is his first non-fiction title and reflects his experience serving at Her Majesty's Pleasure.